What is the Full Form of AMC ?

AMC - Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract, also known as Annual Maintenance Charges, is the term that relates the buyer and supplier. The vendors of any equipment provides maintenance service to their buyers for their valuable equipments. The vendor may or may not changes some money for this maintenance from the buyer, according to the contract held.

AMC provides peace of mind to the customer during the duration for which the contract is held. The maintenance include regular check-ups and routine work to regulate the performance of the device.

The entities covered under AMC may include : Computers, Laptops, Servers, Robots, Machines, cutting devices etc.

AMC - American Motors Corporation

American Motors Corporation is the result of the merger between two major companies of America : Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company. The merger happened in 1954 and was the largest corporate merger in the history U.S.A. at that time. The line of product for the company include :

  • Automobiles
  • Sport utility vehicles
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Military vehicles
  • Lawn care products


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AMC-Asset Management Company

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