What is the full form of ASEAN ?

ASEAN - Association of SouthEast Asian Nations

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is an alliance of 10 southeast nations who came together for political and economic benefits. The purpose behind the formation was economic growth, regional peace, cultural & social progress and to improve the living standards of the people in their countries.

ASEAN was formed on 8 August 1967 by 5 southeast countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. In the course of time, five other nations including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Brunei also joined the association. The association would provide the best platform for member nations to resolve their differences peacefully.

ASEAN countries have 8.8% of the total world's population with a combined nominal GDP of more than US$2.2 trillion. The total land area covered by the ASEAN nations is 3% of the total world's land area.

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