What is the Full Form of BMP ?

BMP - Bitmap

The Bitmap file format is a digital image file format used to display image independent of the display device. The BMP file format was created by Microsoft and IBM, and therefore works properly on Windows and OS/2 operating systems.  

THe BMP file format is also known as device independent bitmap (DIB) file format. DIB is an image file format used to define device-independent bitmaps in various color resolutions and allows bitmaps to be moved from one device to another. The Bitmap image file may have an extention ".bmp" or ".dib".

BMP - Basic Metabolic Panel

"Basic Metabolic Panel" is a group of blood tests carried out to get the information regarding body's metabolism. The BMP test is also known as SMAC7, Metabolic panel 7, CHEM-7, urea, electrolytes, creatinine or UEC test.

BMP test is done to evaluate: Kidney function, body's electrolyte and fluid balance, Blood acid/base balance and Blood sugar levels.

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