What is the Full Form of CIC ?

CIC - Central Information Commission

The Central Information Commission (CIC) was set up in 2005 under the Right to Information Act, Govt. of India. The commission was established to act upon those complaints which were not able to reach the Central or State Public Information Officer due to either the Officer has not been appointed, or refused to accept the application under RTI Act. 

CIC - Credit Information Company

Credit Information Company is an independent organization that generates the credit information base of individuals and organizations. One such organization that generates and keeps credit history of an individual in India is CIBIL.

These organizations have tie-ups with different banking and financial institutions which provides user data to CICs. This data is nothing but the past credit record of a person who have earlier taken a loan or a credit card.

CIC - Carrier Identification Codes

Carrier Identification Codes are numeric 4-digit identification codes which are used to route and bill calls in a PSTN.

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