What is the Full Form of CNC ?

CNC - Computerized Numerical Control

Computerized Numerical Control is the controlling system with digital electronic computers and circuitry used to control machines. These machines are typically replacing the old manual machines which always needs an operator to run it.

Consider an example of a manual drilling machine run by an operator, an operator have to measure the points to be drill, has to decide the speed and then starts drilling. This process is prone to many types of error that give a poor output.
As opposed to this, a CNC machine operates automatically for measurement as well as for drilling.

Advantages of CNC Machines

  • As no operator is needed to continuously monitor it, so overall performance of the work gets better.
  • Better productivity due to speed and performance
  • Increases the Efficiency of the work by many folds
  • Get 99.99% desired output as expected by the company
  • Low operational cost as compared to manual labors.

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