What is the Full Form of COO ?

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer is the senior manager who reports to the Chief executive officer (CEO) about company's day-to-day operations. Chief executive officer remains too busy in production quotas and other operations of a firm, so a Chief Operating Officer is needed in an organization to fulfill the requirements. so, we can say, a Chief Operating Officer’s real job is to babysit a Chief executive officer (CEO).

COO's task vary from company to company. But, some of the common responsibilities are :-

  • Inventory and working capital management
  • Operations management
  • Develop and Design the system that deliver products
  • Calculating the improving the manufacturing capacity
  • Finding the low-cost supply sources
  • Increasing global operations and tapping emerging markets

COO - Cell of Origin
Cell of Origin is a mobile positioning technique for finding a caller's cell location.

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