What is the Full Form of DC ?

DC - Direct Current
Direct current is the unidirectional flow of electric charge produced by sources such as batteries and cells. This type of current can flow through a wire, a semiconductors, an insulators, or even through a vacuum. It flows in a constant direction, making it different from an alternating current (AC), which flow alternatively in positive and negative axis.

DC - Data Compression
Data Compression reduces the quantity of bits needed to be sent through a channel, there by increasing the data speed beyond the actual connection speed.

DC - Disconnect Confirm
Disconnect Confirm is used to represent a status of something which is not connected.

DC - District Collector
A District Collector, or simply a Collector, is the chief administrative and revenue officer of an Indian district.

DC - Deputy Commissioner
A deputy commissioner is an IAS officer, who is the head of the revenue and development administration of an Indian district.

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