What is the Full Form of ECG ?

ECG - ElectroCardioGram

Electrocardiogram is the recorded graph that reflects the underlying heart condition by measuring the electrical activity of the heart. It is a graphical representation of the potential difference across the cardiac muscles during pumping and non-pumping phase. The test is performed for diagnostic or research purposes on human hearts.

The test records the electrical impulses made while the heart is beating, which is usually recorded on a piece of paper. It shows any kind of problem with the heart's rhythm, a reason for some heart disease.

How an ECG is performed ?
The test could be taken while the patient is resting or in some cases, on exercise bike or treadmill. The test is performed by positioning the electrodes at several places on the body in standardized locations (arms, legs and chest), and recorded by a device external to the body. The test is completely painless and takes no time in completion.

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