What is the Full Form of FAX ?

FAX  - Facsimile

It is a scanned copy of both text and image printed on a paper, sent from one party to another through a telephone line. Earlier, analog line were used for this type of transmission, but now it is been replaced by Digital lines.

A person planning to send a FAX, need to have a FAX number of the other party. You may found the FAX number of any company or person printed on their business card or company's brochure.

The traditional Facsimile Service is now getting replaced by the new applications of Internet like e-mail, Online text messages and IMS.
Internet overcomes the disadvantage of Facsimile like :-

  • Data sent through Internet has better quality as compared to Facsimile.
  • A person need not to be present their while sending the data
  • Internet is cheaper as compared to Facsimile.
  • No addition hardware required like a FAX machine

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