What is the Full Form of FML ?

FML - F**k My Life

It is an annoying Internet Slang, used most often in a situation where a person want to express great pressure and frustration. It gained popularity from the movie 'Superbad' in which a fat Mexican woman hates her life and want to express her frustration using this phrase.

Like in a conversation :

Person 1 : How's your studies going on?
Person 2 : Not good man
Person 2 : I need to complete 3 subjects this week.
Person 2 : FML !!

FML - FluoroMethoLone

It is a corticosteroid, marketed under the brand names FML (Allergan) and Flarex (Alcon), most often used after laser-based refractive surgery.


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Great website. Just awesome! Learned a lot over here.

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