What is the Full Form of FRIEND ?

FRIEND is an English word, meaning of which is related to a person who has a close bonding with you. This person may or may not be your relative.

FRIEND actually does not have any full form, but people have given their own full forms like the one shown below :-

F - Few
R - Relation
I - In
E - Earth
N - Never
D - Die

In most of the situations a friend is considered to be a person to whom you can share your secrets, rely on them, ask you doubts about personal and profession life, Ask them what they need and so on. He/She is the person with whom you could dare to be yourself.


#1 rahavaj ahsinaa 2014-08-30 13:24
F-fight for you
R-respect you
I-involve you
E-encourage you
N-need you
D-deserve you
S-save you

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