What is the Full Form of GCC ?

GCC - GNU Compiler Collection (earlier, GNU C-Compiler)

The GNU Compiler Collection, originally named as GNU C-Compiler, is a compiler designed to support multiple programming languages. It is been adopted as a standard compiler for Unix, Linux and other operating system of the BSD family.

At the times of its release on May 23, 1987, it only handled the C programming language, but today it has been extended to compile C++, Java, Fortran and Ada.

GCC - Gulf Cooperation Council

Gulf Cooperation Council is the political and economic alliance of Arab States of the Gulf. It includes the countries namely : Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

The sole purpose of this alliance is to achieve common objectives like technical progress, tourism, Unified military presence, Establishing scientific research centers and many more.


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GCC meaning in banking-
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