What is the Full Form of INR ?

INR - INdian Rupee

The Indian rupee is an official currency of the Republic of India. Rupee can be fragmented in to Paise i.e.
1 Rupee = 100 Paise
Indian Rupee is available in form of coins and notes. The denomination of 'Coins' go from 1,2,5 to 10 and more, and for 'Notes' 1, 2 ,5 upto 1000 and more. In the earlier times, there were coins of 1 paise, 2 paisa and 5 paise, but that small denominations has now been removed.

Security Features in Indian Rupee Notes (INR)
As there is always a chance of duplicating Indian Rupee Notes, so a lot of security features have been implemented while printing a note. These features include : Inserting of Security thread, Watermarking, Identification mark, Fluorescence, Optically variable ink and more.

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