What is the Full Form of IP ?

IP - Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol Address is used to identify each host in the Internet. The protocol is the part of the TCP/IP Protocol suite and resides in the Internet layer. It is an unreliable, connectionless protocol that is always used with transmission control protocol (TCP), which is a connection-oriented protocol.

The Services Provides by the IP Protocol include:

  • Addressing - IP Addresses are unique addresses which gets assigned to each system connected to the Internet. These addresses are used to identify each system on the internet.
  • Routing - It is the responsibility of the network layer to handle the task of transferring the packets from source to destination, it is known as Routing.
  • Fragmentation - IP fragments the datagram into certain pieces, according to the size which can be handled by the network.

There are 5 different classes of IP Addresses (IPv4) - Class A, B, C, D and E. Each class has different range of valid IP addresses:

Class A to
Class B to    
Class C to    
Class D to    
Class E to


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