What is the Full Form of MSC ?

M.Sc. - Master of Science

Master of Science is a Post Graduate degree in Science awarded by many universities in India. M.Sc. Degree Programme is offered in the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology and many more. The minimum criteria for admission in Master of Science course: a person has completed his/her Bachelors of Science (B.Sc) degree with the concerned subject.

MSC - Mobile Switching Center

Mobile Switching Center is the heart of the Network switching system (NSS), performs the task of switching the digital voice data packets from one network path to another, i.e. between the mobile and other fixed or mobile network users. Apart from routing of data, it also handles registration, authentication, network interfacing, location updating, toll ticketing, and many more. A unique ID is used to identify every MSC.

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