What is the Full Form of MTA ?

MTA - Mail Transfer Agent

Mail Transfer Agent is a software which is responsible for routing client's mail to final destination. MTA is commonly referred as a Mail Server program, Internet Mailer, Mail relay or simply a mail router. Some of the most popular Mail transfer agent programs are Microsoft exchange server, QMAIL, sendmail etc.

The MTA software implements the SMTP protocol; its server side and client side portion. It communicates with other MTA's or MUA. The complete message transmission detail is provided by SMTP.

MTA - Microsoft Technology Associate

Microsoft Technology Associate is an entry level certification course, that brings a first step towards building your career in Microsoft technology. MTA certification could be earned in the area of IT security, software development, Database, Networking and Server Administration.

In dentistry, MTA - Mineral Trioxide Aggregate

Mineral trioxide aggregate is a dental root repair material used in the treatment of "root canal". It can be used as a root-end filling material or a pulp-capping material. The material is available in grey as well as in white colour.

In plumbing, MTA - Male Thread Adapter

It is a name given to the different set of adapters that may work as a "joint" to connect two different pipes, or sometimes used to close the pipe from one end.

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