What is the full form of OD ?

OD - Overdraft

With "overdraft" facility in your current account, you may withdraw money more than your account balance. For example, you have given a cheque  of Rs. 15 lakh to someone and you have only Rs. 12 lakh balance in your account. Now, if you have more than 3 lakh overdraft limit in your  account, that cheque would be cleared with "3 lakh" overdrawn from your account.

It is kind of a small loan given for a short period of time. Some banks don't even charge any interest on the overdrawn money. For an overdraft  facility you must have a good past record with the bank.

OD - Doctor of Optometry

Doctor of Optometry is the study of examining the sight, vision correction and management of vision changes. A doctor who practices Optometry is  called an Optometrist. Unlike Ophthalmologist, an optometrist is not a medical doctor.

Optometrists are licensed to perform eye examinations, vision tests, prescribing correct lenses, detecting eye diseases and prescribing medicines for them.

OD - On Duty

"On Duty" is the term used to refer a situation where an employee is not available in the office , as he is "out" for some office work.

OD - Overdose

"Overdose" refers to the use of drug in quantity more than recommended by the physician.

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