What is the Full Form of OMR ?

OMR - Optical Mark Recognition

Optical Mark Recognition is the process of identifying and recording data from a document or specially printed paper forms used in tests, surveys, feedback etc. The data is read from a sheet with the help of an OMR reader. This technology is useful for applications in which large numbers of hand-filled forms need to be processed quickly and with great accuracy.

Use of OMR in "Multiple Choice Examinations"
OMR Sheet used in examinations (such as PMT, IIT-JEE, GATE etc.) has the complete data of candidate including his name, Fathers name, Date of birth, Roll number etc. along with answers he has marked out of multiple choice. To correct all the answers and to record the data of each candidate, the data sheet is scanned through an OMR scanner.

An OMR scanner recognizes the complete data and passes it to the computer for further processing. In this way a complete data sheet is processed within some seconds as compared to processing it manually.

Applications of OMR

  • Answer Sheets
  • Evaluations and feedback
  • Consumer and Community surveys
  • Time sheets and inventory counts
  • Lotteries and voting
  • New Account Applications
  • Membership subscription forms
  • Data compilation etc.

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