What is the Full Form of PDU ?

In terms of networking, PDU - Protocol Data Unit

Protocol Data Unit is a combination of control and data information that can be transferred to the devices at different layers of the network model namely the OSI model. In OSI model PDU represents data at each layer.

At each layer PDU is known with a different name:

  • At layer 1 i.e the physical layer PDU is represented by a "bit" stream
  • At layer 2 it is known as a frame
  • At layer 3 i.e in network layer PDU is the packet
  • At layer 4 i.e the transport layer, it is known as a segment or a frame.
  • At layer 5 to 7 PDU represents a message.

PDU - Power Distribution Unit

A power distribution unit is an electrical device used to control electrical power supply in a data center. The device is equipted with multiple power outputs designed to supply electricity to the variety of networking and computing devices. It tends to improve the efficiency and uptime of the data center.

A power distribution unit could be available in 2 forms: Rack mount and Cabinet.

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