What is the Full Form of PIN Code ?

PIN - Postal Index Number

Postal Index Number is a 6 digit post office numbering system used by India Post. Every city and their areas have been assigned  different codes known as Postal Index Number. It helps in fast sorting of letter according to a particular area in all the cities of India.

Hierarchy of Postal Index Number

  • Digit 1 - The first digit of the PIN code indicates the region. According to the Postal Index Number Code, India is divided into 9 regions.
  • Digit 2 - The second digit indicates the sub-region, for example Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and so on.
  • Digit 3 - The third digit indicates the sorting district within the region.
  • Digit 4 to 6 - Digits 4 to 6 are assigned to individual post offices within a district.

For example, Madhya Pradesh falls in region with PIN code starting with 45-48, so the PIN Code of Jabalpur is 482001, which falls in this range.


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Good Post about Postal Index Number used by IndiaPost. Thanks for sharing.

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