What is the Full Form of PMI ?

PMI - Purchasing Managers' Index

Purchasing Managers' Index is an economic indicator which measures the growth of the manufacturing sector of the country. Purchasing Managers' Indices (PMI) is primarily calculated by the Markit Group, the UK based company which conducts PMIs for more than 30 countries worldwide including India.

Another company which does the same work is the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), which is responsible for conducting PMIs in the United States.

PMI - Project Management Institute

Project Management Institute is a US based organization that offers services related to "Project Management". These services include: developing standards, education, arranging seminar and conferences, and education for project management.

PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance

Private Mortgage Insurance is a kind of insurance that protects lenders against loss in the case where the borrower is not able to repay the loan amount. In that case, the lender could sell off the property to recover the unpaid loan amount.

PMI - Positive Material Identification

Positive Material Identification is an alloy testing technique that identifies the percentage of each constituent element present in an alloy. The PMI analysis is mainly done in petro-refining industry where safety and accident prevention is at its peak.

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