What is the Full Form of POP in Construction ?

POP - Plaster Of Paris

Plaster of Paris is the most specific type of plaster which is suitable for different types of construction works as well as for medical applications. POP comes in the form of a white powder which is made by calcining gypsum. Calcining is a process of heating 'gypsum' to very high temperatures that may convert it into 'calcium sulphate' which could be grinned to a fine powder, we call "Plaster of Paris".

Plaster of Paris does not generally cracks when moistened and allowed to dry, in fact it becomes quite hardened. This very characteristic of the material makes it suitable for casting molds.

Uses of POP

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Art
  • Medical applications
  • Fireproofing
  • Industrial purpose

How POP got its name?
The word "Paris" is added to its name due to the fact that the large amount of gypsum is available in and around Paris, which makes it easy to produce POP over there.

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