What is the Full Form of RCC ?

RCC - Reinforced Cement Concrete

Reinforced Cement Concrete is a combination of concrete and steel to build a structure instead of using only concrete. Concrete is good in resisting compression but is very weak in resisting tension. On the other hand, steel has high tensile strength and the bond between steel and concrete is good. To overcome the drawback of Concrete, reinforced steel bars are used along with concrete.

Uses of R.C.C.

  • It is used in the construction of Columns, Beams, Footings, Slabs etc.
  • It is used in storage structures like Dams, Water Tanks, Tunnels etc.
  • It is used to build heavy structures like Bridges, Walls, Towers, Under water structures.
  • It is used in tall structures and sky scrapers.
  • It is used in pavement like in Roads and Airports.

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