What is the Full Form of SSLC ?

SSLC - Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Secondary School Leaving Certificate must be obtained after completing 10 years of schooling education (i.e. SSC or class 10th) in India. After getting a Secondary School Leaving Certificate, a candidate have an option to go for High School or Pre-university Course (PUC), or a diploma course in Engineering or other fields, or some other specialized course. Completing 12 years of schooling, a student can enroll in any University in India.

What after getting SSLC
In India, schooling is basically divided into 3 groups :
Primary Schooling - The first 5 years of schooling comes under primary schooling.
Secondary Schooling - The next 5 years i.e. from class 6th to class 10th is secondary schooling.
High School or Pre-university Course - 2 Years after Secondary Schooling (Class 10th) is High School.

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