What is the Full Form of TCP/IP ?

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol

IP - Internet Protocol

The TCP/IP is the standard network layered protocol suite. The TCP/IP model divides the protocols in different layers, on the basis of their functionality. TCP and IP are two distinct and the most basic protocols of the TCP/IP protocol suite, from whom the model got its name.

The TCP/IP protocol suite is divided into 4 layers, namely:-
Layer 1 - Network access layer
Layer 2 - Internet Layer
Layer 3 - Transport Layer
Layer 4 - Application Layer

The lowermost layer, i.e. the Network access layer provides all the functionalities for handling packets of two different hosts on the same link. The Internet layer has two basic functions: Routing and addressing. IP resides in this layer and handles these tasks.

At layer 3 i.e. the transport layer, a process-to-process delivery of the entire message is done. It is the responsibility of the protocol that resides at the transport layer, to check the correctness and ordering of data.

The Application layer includes all the protocols that are used to communicate directly with the end user. Some of the most basic protocol of the application layer is HTTP, FTP, SMTP and the DHCP.

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