What is the Full Form of WAP ?

WAP - Wireless Application Protocol

Wireless Application Protocol is a de facto standard developed for wireless and handheld devices to provide internet access. A WAP browser is a web browser for mobile devices such as mobile phones, uses this protocol.

WAP can work on multiple platforms just like the combination of HTTP and HTML, except that it is designed specifically to work with low-memory, low-display and low bandwidth devices such as mobile phones, pagers, smartphones and communicators. WAP also supports WML Script, a scripting language similar to Javascript but makes minimal use of CPU resources and memory.

WAP Microbrowser
A WAP Microbrowser is designed to work with low-memory, low-bandwidth and small screen devices. It can display information written in a restricted mark-up language called WML whose full form is Wireless Markup Language. WML is the markup language designed specifically for Wireless Application Protocol.

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